What "T" does

Looking to create the brand of Tomorrow? "T" can help! "T" brings over 20 years of experience in creative technology and deep familiarity with the tools of today.


Fig1. SpaceoutVR @ MIT Hackaton][

Spacial computing generates deep impressions and engagement. As the authors of the next-level mobile VR app SpaceoutVR, "T" have spent the past three years developing a toolkit for mobile “Reality” applications.


"T" is committed to building the classrooms of tomorrow with experiential learning.


Let’s make apps that talk, think and learn! Use big data insights to unlock the potential of your customers. Create a two-way conversation with AI chatbots, intelligent content and more.


Gamify everything! With dozens of fun games created we can gamify existing projects or develop original mobile and social games with you.


Integrate the power of Social Media networks and Content Platforms into your app, game or site. Our team has deep familiarity with API’s for Facebook, Google, Twitter and many more.